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  1. Sophia Michaelidis Osianlis says:

    Dear Argyropoulos Family

    I am wondering if you have any information about Mihail Michailidis who married Thalia Axelou. My grandfather Mihalis was born in Egypt in 1895 (Tanta). His parents were business people they had a Grocery store and a tirokomio (made cheeses) in Tanta Egypt. My grandfather was well educated and went to University somewhere in Egypt. He came from a well respected and wealthy family.

    We are trying to find out more about my papou who apparently had a mysterious life. His son Konstantinos (my father) does not know a lot about his father and his only wish is to find out more about his father’s family.

    We suspect that papou Mihalis was previously married had no children and separated from his wife.

    Is there a possibility that your Great Uncle Mihalis Michailidis is the same person who married your theia Thalia Axelou?

    Would you kindly let me know if any of this information matches with yours. We have only a small passport photograph of my grandfather. This is the only photograph we have of him.

    Thank you for you time

    Sophia from (Australia)

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